Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shoe Review: Gentle Souls Heels

Gentle Souls Heels
 "O Gee" in Penny
$60 via (bought back in July)

Comfort: B, I am still a little unsure about the comfort of these shoes.  They feel like a sneaker they are so comfortable but they rub my little toe so I cannot wear them all day.  Also, the day after I wear this pair of shoes my feet hurt no matter what I wear (unless I wear this pair again).  I know this sounds weird but this is my most comfortable yet most uncomfortable pair of shoes.       

Cost: B+, There were $60 at (the normal retail is $235). This is the most expensive pair of shoes that I own, but comfort shoes are expensive (and should be worth every penny in the long run).  I spent months stalking pairs on ebay and this is the best price I found.   

Looks: B-, I Love the color!  Originally I wanted black, but this color was on sale so I went with this silvery color and I love it.  It is a neutral but has more of a pop than black does.  The shoes are a little chunky for my taste, but not too bad.  They look best with slacks but look fine with skirts.  I don't see them as fun shoes or going out shoes but they are perfect for work. 

Wearability: B, I have worn these shoes to work many times.  They look nice with slacks (here, here, here, and here too) and dresses (here and here too).  I am sure they would look nice with jeans and skirts too.  I wouldn't wear them out (not that I go "out") but they are perfect work shoes. 
Overall: B, Good shoes!  I would buy them again!  I thought I would be singing praise about this pair of shoes - but I am not (at least not yet).  They are not bad but they are not wonderful either.  I would like to try the flats to see if there is a difference but there are so many brands to try I will probably wait a while. 
Have you tried Gentle Souls shoes?


Hope said...

Thanks for the review Sarah, I am definitely intrigued by Gentle Souls. I'm taking it that they are good shoes, but not QUITE living up to the hype? I absolutely love the silver pair you got though! You practically stole them!! :):)

Sarah said...

You are exactly right Hope! They are great shoes but they fell a little short of living up to the hype.

I am so proud of the deal that I got! If you want to try them - hold out for a good deal!

Keely said...

Love these. So cute and they look really great with your dresses. And such a good deal too.

Justine said...

These DO look comfy!

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